Peregrine Espresso Branding

How does a new coffee shop create an original brand when taking over the location of an existing one? By highlighting the underlying meaning of an original name and creating a design aesthetic to match its quality and clientele.

Peregrine Espresso came to us with a name and location, but no brand. Our challenge was to create an easily recognizable brand completely different from the previous coffee shop that had operated out of the same space. The definition of the word peregrine was an important factor in our client’s choice of the name, so we decided on a logo design that referenced its meaning. Taking inspiration from the dictionary definition and its visual representation, we created an icon in the form of a stylized schwa. Both a nod to its phonetic pronunciation, and to its coffee cup appearance. We have since expanded their brand to other locations, all while keeping the original concept as our guide.

peregrine-AA-01 Peregrine-logoPeregrine-AA-02 Peregrine-AA-03 Peregrine-AA-04 Peregrine-AA-05

photography by Tyler Driscoll and Joe Portnoy