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“Possibilities are endless in the built environment.”

“There are numerous opportunities to create experiences, feelings, and interactions in 3-dimensional space. From highlighting your brand characteristics, to increasing morale for your organization, to creating functionality for a homeowner—every project gets care and attention.”

“Amy and I built Aesthetic Answers as a small studio with vast capabilities. We mark our accomplishments by how well we can meet our clients’ needs. That comes from our attentiveness, insight, awareness, understanding, flexibility, and ability to deliver. We’re ready to dive in…”


A native Washingtonian, Scott grew up on Capitol Hill and in Arlington. Before co-founding Aesthetic Answers in 2010, Scott designed for The Rockwell Group in New York, D.C. United, and Copeland Design. He saw the differences between how large and small studios and organizations operated—and determined that his company would provide big solutions and capabilities without the corporate maze and overhead.

Scott studied at Messiah College, abroad in England, and in Philadelphia. A member of AIGA DC, Think Local First and the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, Scott lives in his hometown, on Capitol Hill with his wife and business partner, Amy Herbert.