Monty’s Steakhouse

Our challenge as lead designers for the interior of Monty’s Steakhouse was to create an interior that evoked the fine dining locale of Washington, D.C., while located in a strip mall in Springfield, VA. The client desired an upscale family fine dining experience for the neighborhood.

Our design concept was to create a minimal modern interior environment and approach it as a single large dining room. We used dark woods for accents as a nod to traditional steakhouses, and creams and whites to brighten the space. We selected modular furniture to allow the restaurant versatility to host large groups or events.

Each wall has a different accent, in order to create a varying experiences for its guests. Large mirrors hang on one wall to give the space a larger feel. A custom designed mirror installation, framed by matching dark wood, creates a semi-private section along the back wall. A specially designed art ledge spans the length of the other wall, and gives the dining room flexibility in its décor selection, as well as options for a complete overhaul in the event of a party renting out the entire space.

montys-01 montys-02 montys-03 montys-04 montys-05 montys-06 montys-07 montys-08 montys-09 montys-10 montys-11

photography by Regis Vogt