Chesterfield Residence

Striking the balance between Southern flair and practical family living was the goal for our clients, yet their canvas was a dysfunctional kitchen and bath that bred disorganization and chaos. As a family with four children, practical solutions for family living were necessary; storage and organization of the utmost importance.

In the master bathroom, we helped the owners create a space that felt tranquil and adult, elevated yet approachable. A shower insert was replaced with a large, luxurious rain head shower and simple white subway tile for a clean and classic feel. The marble-top vanity and porcelain tile (which looks like reclaimed wood) is both modern and practical.

The kitchen needed to strike the balance of looking elegant and utilizing space efficiently. There is ample storage for cleaning supplies. As the client liked architectural arches, the finished space includes three arches as focal points and elements of separation between the cooking area and the office nook, which had previously overflowed, causing a stress for the owners. Now the office nook includes organization for mail and papers. There is ample storage and even a broom closet for cleaning supplies along with a pull out pantry in which each child has their own drawer. The color palette with white cabinetry and a sea foam backlash was intended purposefully to look peaceful even amidst busy family life.


Photography by Regis Vogt