Air Line Pilots – History Display

Another part of our comprehensive design program with The Air Line Pilots Association included a history wall with artifacts collected over the organization’s 80+ year history. From a postmarked letter delivered on the first contract airmail service flight, to the pen President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used to sign into law air line pilots collective bargaining power, the wall is a visual history of ALPA’s influence in the airline industry, displayed in vitrines, panels, slideshows and video.

At the chronological end of the wall, we created a touchscreen display that aggregates all of ALPA’s social media channels and press releases onto a single screen. With photographs, facebook posts, and video it is an up to date look at current events affecting ALPA’s members. An iPad kiosk mounted on the wall opposite the display acts as an exhibit directory and gallery, pointing the visitor to the exhibits and displays throughout the office.

2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-001 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-2 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-003a 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-004 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-05 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-06 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-07 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-08 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-016 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-018 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-021 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-022 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-024 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-025 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-026 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-034 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-035 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-044 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-046 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-049 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-055 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-056 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-059 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-060 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-061 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-064 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-068 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-069 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-073 2015-02-26_RVP_AA_ALPA-083

photography by Regis Vogt