Hopkins Community Mural

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We were honored to work with Care Company DC on this project to beautify the Hopkins playground with a large mural. We met with residents of the community, who agreed that they wanted a nature scene. From there, we researched the styles and colors used by African-American artists Aaron Douglas and Jacob Lawrence and used them as inspiration for the design. We outlined the wall, divided the sections and created a paint-by-letter format. We held a community paint day during which volunteers helped the neighborhood kids. The end product is an amazing space where often you can see families sitting and watching their children play. It is beautiful, it is big, and it is theirs!
Regis-Vogt_Hopkins-Wall_007 Regis-Vogt_Hopkins-Wall_038 Regis-Vogt_Hopkins-Wall_042 Regis-Vogt_Hopkins-Wall_052 Regis-Vogt_Hopkins-Wall_057 Regis-Vogt_Hopkins-Wall_060