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Renovations can be tricky. We support an end-result you’ll love.

Considering a renovation? At Aesthetic Answers, we get to know you, help you pinpoint the right choices, and work with you to make them. Then we advocate for you—defend and promote your wishes amongst the other parties involved in your renovation.

Perhaps you already have a contractor and maybe even an architect—yet you still feel uncertain about which direction to take with layout, interior design, finishes, fixtures, furniture. How will your decisions affect the way you live? Will they fit with what the contractor envisions—or will your ideas get derailed after it’s too late?

Our goal is to solve problems, clarify direction, and streamline the transition for you. No matter where you are in the renovation process, we guide you through our time-tested process to support an end-result you’ll love.

If you’re worried that a designer will take the reins and you’ll end up somewhere you don’t want to be, with no idea why you got there—that’s exactly what we won’t do. Our process goes from big to small—and we agree, talk, consider, ask “why” at every step—to make sure all the decisions are going to work.

The end result? A finished space that you feel comfortable, confident and happy in. You’ll know every decision had a reason, and that every reason was based on how you live. Simply put, it will feel right. How can we be certain you’ll love the result? Because we make sure you’re comfortable and confident at every step along the way.

At Aesthetic Answers, we believe your space (whether it’s an entire home or a single bathroom) should:

  • Be a safe haven. When you work hard, your home should be especially comfortable to come back to. It should be a place of joy, comfort and relaxation.
  • Marry form with function/Support the way you live. Yes, our results look pretty, but the real reason they’re excellent is because they specifically support our clients’ lives.
  • Be timeless. Having you as a client will be wonderful, but our business-growth plan doesn’t include you coming back next year to redo the same space. Trends can be fun—but longevity is beautiful. When we work together, your space will be enjoyable and functional for years to come.
  • Support resale value. The decisions we make together will not only improve your home’s function and aesthetic appeal—it will also better your home should you sell in the future.
  • Be what you want—and need. Perhaps you did a renovation before—and it didn’t quite work. Or maybe you purchased furniture that looked great in the showroom, but didn’t exactly fit your space or suit your lifestyle (think gorgeous shoes that give you blisters/think white couch with toddlers). An ideal space should work for your life, and delight you with both form and function.

When you work with Aesthetic Answers, we:

  • Get to know you and your life. To create a space that reflects you, we dig for details.
  • Show you the possibilities. We don’t show you the possibilities that meet someone else’s needs—we show you the possibilities for you and your space!
  • Provide options within your budget. We provide solutions that fit financially and help you get the most value from your investment.
  • Talk through every choice with you. Before any money is spent on any product, you’ll be confident in what you’re buying and why.
  • Define the specifics. We provide a product list to guide you through purchasing. Or, if you prefer, we can manage purchasing and delivery for you.
  • Advocate & solve problems. We navigate the tricky stuff. If you’re not being heard by your contractor, or there are issues with suppliers, we speak their language and solve problems for you.

The investment.

Many designers charge hourly. We charge a reasonable, project-based fee so you can have as much access, support and input as you need. If you’re afraid to reach out because of accumulating hourly billing, it’s impossible to get what you really want and need! When you work with us, we’re on board. We provide complete support, guidance and access as your project ebbs and flows.

Need support to create a space that reflects your personality, makes your house feel like a home, and speaks to how you live? Let’s chat.

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