Eastern Market Residence

Starting with a beautiful base, our client at this Eastern Market residence needed help organizing some of his already selected furniture into a unified whole. He and his girlfriend were looking for someone to add a few stylistically similar items to their existing collection and bring everything together.

We redesigned the layout of the front room, added upholstered pillows, hung his artwork and added a table runner to complete the front room. We designed the back room, upholstered the couch, chose new pillows and purchased complementary art to be installed above it.

Our client also had, hidden away in his basement, three big panels of New Zealand aboriginal art. They needed to be restored and then hung in a way that would accentuate them. We repaired them, painted and framed a wall, and installed them to create a worthy area that gave these old treasures new life.

EM-R-08 EM-R-04 EM-R-06

photos by Joe Portnoy