14th St. Residence

We were invited by a Capitol Hill bachelor to help design the interior of his new townhome. His work took him around the country and when he came home, he was frustrated because he felt he was living in a dorm. He wanted a home that reflected his maturity and profession, as well as a comfortable place where he could invite friends.

The client had an important family painting that he wanted to use as the focal point of our design. We positioned the painting in the dining room area as the centerpiece to the main level, and used its color scheme as our guiding inspiration for the rest of the space. Adding a new couch, chair, and unique bookshelf, we were able to keep the open feel of his existing space, and break it into three clear sections of use. Each one relating to each other, yet separate in appearance.

CH-1 CH-2 CH-3 CH-4

photography by Regis Vogt